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What Is The Torch Search Engine?

Torch or TorSearch is the best search engine for the hidden part of the internet. They’re also the oldest and longest running search engine on Tor. Torch claims to have over one billion dark net pages indexed. They also don’t censor search results or track what you search for. No logs are kept, so there is no record of your searches. They also don’t use any tracking or analytics code for the sake of privacy.


Why Use Torch Search Engine?

They Don’t Track You

Torch doesn’t keep tabs on what you search for, so you can have peace of mind when seeking information.

Explore The Dark Net

Torch is the best way to explore the dark net by allowing you to search for new and cool onion sites.

Uncensored Results

Torch doesn’t censor any of its search results, meaning you can find anything you want safely.

How Do I Access Torch’s Onion Address?

Torch is an onion site, so you’ll need the Tor Browser in order to access the website. Tor Browser is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android, and can be downloaded here. The Tor Browser is the recommended way to access any darknet website because it will keep you protected and anonymous, and will also not record any history on your computer.